• What does a Sampler do? Samplers are the heart and soul of UCWW. Samplers are responsible for collecting samples, performing some field tests and delivering those samples to a ‘runner.’ ┬áRunners are individuals who volunteer to be at a previously designated and conveniently located spot for drop-off of the sample. ┬áRunners then transport samples to the testing laboratory within a specific window of time to ensure the┬ávalidity of test results.
  • What if you don’t know about sampling or performing field tests? No problem!! UCWW has a training system in place to help. Training seminars are scheduled regularly.
  • Who can volunteer? Virtually any one can volunteer. Students, teachers, citizens.
  • Why volunteer? If you have a deep love for the waterways of your community and are willing to pitch in and work hard for their protection!
  • Interested in getting involved? If you would like to get started, CONTACT US!

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